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The Lodge Scroll

* Limited Edition * Certificated * Colour Copy * Signed By RWM *


The Kirkwall Scroll hangs on the lodge west wall. Measuring 18 feet 6 inches long x 5 feet 6 inches wide, it is roughly painted in oil. The wider central strip contains a series of emblematic panels full of masonic symbols from a number and from a variety of degrees. The side panels depict scenes from the history of the children of Israel, especially their wanderings in the wilderness.

In 1891 the Scroll was photographed and a copy sent to the Quator Coronati Lodge, London, along with a careful description of its size, colouring and other details.

The leading antiquaries of masonic research deliberated over this curio from the far north and when their proceedings were published, an excellent facsimile drawing was given to the Lodge, along with a short description written by the late Bro GW Speth, who deciphered many of the cryptograms and hieroglyphic characters.

It has been accurately described as one of the most important masonic artefacts in the world.

This facsimile copy has been reproduced in full colour as a certificated limited edition and is signed by the Right Worshipful Master.
The Lodge Penny 

In common with all lodges, Lodge Kirkwall Kilwinning has its own unique penny which we offer for sale to collectors.

Here's a rare chance to add to your collection a Mark Penny from one of Scotland's oldest and one of the most northerly lodge's in the most northerly province.
275th Anniversary Token



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